Connect with SOA: Integration of business processes for Oracle JDE Enterprise one


Point-to-point business integration for Oracle customers

Implement an e-business solution? You need perfect integration with yours 

Oracle JDE Enterprise One system?

GN is the leading provider of e-business integration services for Oracle Enterprise One customers. Our enterprise extension services combine advanced expertise with integration tools, technology and in-depth knowledge of oracle jde enterprise one and world in order to enable rapid integration of your mobile and e-business solutions and maximize the returns of your e-business investments.

GNI Integration Framework - Integration architecture for oracles JDE entityprise one

Based on an object-oriented architecture and XML-based data exchange, GNI Integration FrameworkTM works with EnterpriseOne Middleware to make Enterprise One features easily accessible for e-business, e-commerce and emotional solutions. GNI Integration FrameworkTM supports asynchronous transactions and real-time transactions and synchronizes data between a web or mobile application and enterprise one.


XML solutions for mobile and e-commerce

XML-SOA-based tools are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for integrating e-commerce with trading services or "EDI-over-the-web". Through our partnership with the best XML-based e-commerce providers, our cosulants are at the forefront of this technology. GN is equipped to help you choose, design and implement the right solution for the integration of your e-commerce.

E-Commerce Self Services and Mobile Applications for Sales and Procurement

Implement customer applications for sales to distributors or end customers?

GN has experience in integrating e-business applications on the sales side with Oracle enterprise one applications.

Implement purchasing side applications for procurement?

GN has experience in integrating e-procurement solutions with enterprise one applications.

Implement JD Edwards applications for employees, suppliers and customers?

We know them inside and outside. Our consultants combine the knowledge of e-selling,

e-procurement with knowledge of JD Edwards enterprise one and experience in e-business integration technology to help you select and implement the integration solution that meets your needs.


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) WSG BPEL Solutions

If you need to implement EAI- SOA tools to interface your e-business systems within the firewall. Your e-commerce initiatives may require XML-Based B2b integration tools. GN can help you select the right tools to design and build an integration infrastructure that supports application integration within the firewall as well as with your B2B e-commerce to interact with trade and business partners.