Pick to Light

Cancel mistakes and omissions in your warehouse with the Pick to Light solution by GN! 



What is Pick to Light?

A company should optimise every logistical process in order to keeping up with the frenzied industrial rhythms.

The Pick to Light, shorted in P2L, is an electronic system that allows the coordination and the management of the picking and the deposit in the warehouses.

The P2L consists in the manual picking of the resources by the operators; every posts has an electronic device made of one or more buttons, a luminous led and a display in order to guide the operator in the picking phase. 


What are the advantages?

The picking phase is immediate because the operators refer only to a luminous led or to numbers on the display.
It allows the integration of new operators, even for short periods 
only, because it permits to learning fast, without a long training or linguistic restrictions. 

This will also allow the elimination of all the papers, which slow down the working rhythms. 


What has GN realised?

The possibility of the integration of P2L with ERP systems has permitted to GN to develop a compatible solution with Oracle JD Edwards. 
GN offers the possibility of having a low price and integrated with JDE hardware.
The solution could be custom-made, in order to satisfy every productive necessity of the client. 


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