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The issue


Today, there are many systems on the market that allow secure transmission of documents. Therefore, a user who generates a document containing sensitive information may reasonably be confident that he or she can confidentially send that information to one or more recipients. But once the document has reached its destination, its creator loses control completely over the information content that he himself has generated. Many factors can come into play and compromise the confidentiality that the user originally assigned to his document; among the most frequent are mentioned:

1. Theft or loss of PCs or media on which the document has been stored;

2. Change of relationships or roles with one or more recipients (e. g. resignation of employees);

3. Intentional or accidental redistribution to third parties;

4. Lack of perception about the sensitivity of the information received and consequent lowering of the defences;


The solution and advantages


Oracle IRM leaves unchanged all the systems of productivity and corporate communication (Microsoft Word, Excel, Acrobat, etc..., Email, Company Intranet, Internet Portals of communication with the outside world, etc...) and allows the end user to:


  • Establish in a simple and intuitive way a persistent protection on documents that it considers most sensitive, enabling different recipients to perform different operations on the same document;
  • Over time, redefine the operations that users can carry out on the documents that originated him/her. For example, to block the dismissed employee from accessing all company documents, including those that he has already downloaded to his private PC;
  • Have detailed and accurate documentation of all the operations performed on the files generated and protected.


The advantages of this solution are:


  • Ensure adherence to the rules set forth in recent regulations regarding the management of confidential information (ISO 17799, Serbanes-Oxley Act, D. L. 231 2001, D. L. 196 2003...);
  • Increase the security of information systems already in use for the management or production of sensitive information without altering the sw already in use;
  • Increase system safety without reducing ease of use and operational efficiency. Oracle IRM's ability to protect mail and related attachments during and after delivery, both inside and outside the organization, means that it is "relaxed" and aware of the company's policies, resulting in increased productivity;
  • Exercise security control and information protection functions even if they are sent outside the company perimeter.


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